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SodaStream is a great sparkling water maker that not only makes tasty beverages but is also earth-friendly. The soda maker is easy to use, but the SodaStream bottles have some unique properties which make them confusing at first glance – like their expiration date! But don’t worry; in this post, we’ve answered your most common questions about these bottles so that you can enjoy your fizzy beverage without any worries.


Why do SodaStream Bottles Expire?

For safety reasons, SodaStream bottles expire and need to be replaced every four years since the plastic walls of the bottle weaken over time. After the expiration date, the bottle is more likely to break during carbonation, and injure people nearby. They are designed to withstand high pressure, but the reoccurring carbonation puts the bottle under a lot of strain, and other factors such as heat and ultraviolet light can also contribute to the damage. SodaStream recommends replacing the bottle every four years to avoid any accidents. You can find the expiration date right on the bottle.

Why do SodaStream Bottles Expire |

How Often Do You Need to Replace SodaStream Bottles?

You should replace your SodaStream bottles after the expiration date, which should be approximately every four years.

What Can I Do With Old SodaStream Bottles?

After four years or the expiration date, you can no longer use the plastic SodaStream bottles for carbonation. However, according to the manufacturer, you can use your old, expired plastic bottles for holding your beverages, so don’t throw them away. The expiration simply means that they are not safe for use under high pressure.

Do SodaStream Glass Bottles Expire?

According to the manufacturer, the SodaStream glass bottles, the carafes, do not expire. You can use them indefinitely if they are free of cracks or other damage.


Why Are Some SodaStream Bottles Not Dishwasher Safe?

One of the reasons why some plastic SodaStream bottles are not dishwasher safe is that they can not withstand the dishwasher’s heat. Such bottles are safe for use when kept between 34F (1C) – 120F (50C). However, you can buy plastic SodaStream bottles that are dishwasher-safe. These bottles can withstand a temperature of 158F (70C). You can also opt for the dishwasher-safe glass bottle – the glass carafe, but it is compatible only with the Aqua Fizz and Penguin SodaStream models.

TIP: Remember that you should keep all SodaStream bottles away from heat sources and out of the freezer.

Can I Put My SodaStream Bottle in the Dishwasher?

To find out whether you can put your SodaStream bottle in the dishwasher, look for a dishwasher-safe sign on the bottle. You are good to go if you have the glass carafe since this bottle is dishwasher safe.

Don’t try to put a SodaStream bottle that should only be hand-washed into the dishwasher. You might end up with a shrunk bottle which is not safe to use.

Below you can find all SodaStream bottles with Amazon links divided into two groups – hand wash only and dishwasher safe:

Hand Wash Only SodaStream Bottles
1 L Slim bottle (black, white, stainless steel, art)
1 L Classic bottle (black, white, stainless steel)
0.5 L Bottle (black, white)

Dishwasher Safe SodaStream Bottles
1L Classic dishwasher safe bottle (black, white)
0.5 L My Only Bottle (various colors with carry loop)
0.5 L Dishwasher safe bottle (black, white)
0.8 L Glass carafe
1L Black/White slim bottle that comes with the new Terra SodaStream – as of now not sold separately)

Can You Put the Bottle in the Fridge or Freezer?

The manufacturer states that the SodaStream bottles are safe for use when kept in temperatures as low as 34F (1C), so you can put them in the fridge and enjoy your refreshing cool beverage.

Beware that you should never put your SodaStream bottles in the freezer since you would expose them to a lower temperature than allowed (34F / 1C). SodaStream explicitly states to keep them out of the freezer.

TIP: It is scientifically proven that cold water absorbs more gas, so if you want as many bubbles as possible, the best practice is to have a filled SodaStream bottle in the fridge ready for the next carbonation.

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Are All SodaStream Bottles the Same Size?

SodaStream bottles come in four sizes: 1 L classic plastic bottle, 1 L slim plastic bottle, 0.5 L plastic bottle, and 0.8 L glass carafe.

Are All SodaStream Bottles Universal/Interchangeable?

All SodaStream bottles do not fit all SodaStream machines. But even though the bottles are not universal, the good news is that new bottles fit most old machines. There are only a couple of incompatible pairs that you have to avoid:

  • The 1 L slim bottle is not compatible with the Jet and Cool sparkling water maker.
  • The glass carafe is compatible only with the Aqua Fizz and Penguin sparkling water makers and vice versa.

And that’s it.

Can You Use Any Bottle with SodaStream?

You can not use other bottles for carbonation than the original SodaStream bottles. The main reason is that the SodaStream bottles are designed to withstand high pressure during carbonation. You can feel that the walls are thick, and when you look closely, you can see that it has a special round bottom, which resembles a soda capsule. Also, the original bottles have a specific design to fit securely into the SodaStream. For your safety, it is best to stick to the original SodaStream bottles.

Do you have to fill the SodaStream bottle to the line?

The SodaStream bottle has to be filled up to the fill line for carbonation. The manufacturer explicitly states not to overfill the bottle. Also, you should not carbonate a bottle with less water since you need to submerge the nozzle to carbonate the water properly.

The amount of water you can carbonate in SodaStream bottles:

  • In the 1 L SodaStream bottle you carbonate 840 ml.
  • In the 0.5 L SodaStream bottle you carbonate 450 ml.
  • In the 0.8 L SodaStream glass carafe you carbonate 620ml.
Fill the SodaStream Bottle to the Line |

Is SodaStream BPA-free?

The manufacturer explicitly states that all SodaStream bottles are BPA-free and BPS-free.


You can make your SodaStream bottle much more versatile with these three accessories:

  1. Bottle Caps
  2. Bottle Sleeve
  3. Ice Sticks

1. SodaStream Bottle Caps

The advantage of the SodaStream plastic bottle is that you can change its cap to fit your needs. You can buy three types of SodaStream bottle caps – standard, loop, and sports cap. They are suitable for all plastic SodaStream bottles. Whether you want a SodaStream travel or sports bottle or you just need a replacement cap, you can choose from multiple colors:

2. SodaStream Bottle Sleeve

SodaStream offers a sleeve that will help you keep your beverage cool. It also deals with the condensation on the outside of the bottle, keeping it nice and dry. Just beware that it fits only the 1 L slim bottle. The sleeve has a convenient carry loop and comes in three designs:

3. Ice Sticks for SodaStream Bottles

If you love ice-cold fizzy beverages, then this silicone narrow ice stick cube tray (Amazon link) might be the perfect addition to your SodaStream. The shape of the ice makes it ideal for SodaStream bottles. And if you will pair it with the SodaStream sleeve, you will get the ultimate ice-cold experience.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
If you purchase anything using Amazon links on this website, I will get a tiny commission. It doesn’t cost you a thing, but it helps this website grow.
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